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Name :sunil
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  I am a proud Indian :) I LOVE INDIA JAI HIND
Name :canmecinwhi
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Name :pradeep devshatwar
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Name :Rose
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B proud 2 be an indian

Name :raj
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  jay mataji
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  I love my india very nice
Name :Rushi
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  Awesome Site!!! Can we have more movies related to Indian History, will be really great.
Name :vibhuti kant tripathi
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  This site provid good knowledge for indian history.As the situation stands that land (Ayodhya temple) should belong to the Hindus, but if that claim is subject to challenge because Babri came along to Ayodhya 500 years ago, then history must explain what he did for the Hindus. Was it an invasion? Did he pay for demolishing the then existing temple? Until the answers to a lot of these questions are available it would be uncertain on the question of legal claims but on circumstantial evidence Hindus have every right to claim that land. VANDEMATARAM JAI HIND,JAI BHARAT.
Name :R D Narayanan
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  THis is the most apt site to publish articles of Yamuna Harshavardhana
Name :sunil penothil
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  I would like to see small teaching lessons for children and layman. This attempt is praise worthy
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