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Stop the buck.
A judge, when sentencing a man for robbery, asked if he had anything to say. The man replied, "Yes, your honor. Please sentence my parents to jail also." The judge asked, "Why?" The prisoner answered, "When I was a little boy, a stole a pencil from.......
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Leader Entrepreneur
There are two entrepreneurs who are manufacturing sheet metal parts. Both are manufacturing the same quality of parts, but one is doing it as a leader and another as a follower. The follower manufactures good quality parts not because he wants.......
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Once there was a temple in a town called Vishnupuri. It was the custom for each of the trustees of the temple to put a gold coin in the donation box every month. As one of the trustees watched this go on month after month, his mind became a little.......
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CREATING HEAVEN - Visualisation
We have seen how through responsibility and commitment, we can create a new self and a new World. We actually create in our minds what we want in our lives. Please close your eyes and "see" as I say. ( Keep very soft music in background)........
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A sufi saint set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca. At the outskirts of the city he lay down by the road, exhausted from his journey. He had barely fallen asleep when he was brusquely awakened by an irate pilgrim. "This is the time when all believers........
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Footprints of lord
One night I dreamed . I was walking along the beach with my Lord......
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Security of Life
Today a man accumulates wealth in the name of security for himself and his family but this is hoarding. In Rama Rajya nobody was allowed to accumulate wealth for more than ten years for his daily necessities. The people considered themselves........
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An eagle or a chicken ?
An eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a prairie chicken. The egg hatched and the little eagle grew up thinking it was a prairie chicken. The eagle did what the prairie chickens did. It scratched in the dirt for seeds. It clucked and cackled........
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success or failure ?
Failure is the highway to success. Tom Watson Sr. said, "If you want to succeed, double your failure rate."........
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Laughter is forbidden!
In ages past, there was a time when the world was very somber. And God sent and angel down to His people with greetings. The people were curious about God and they asked the angel many questions. They asked 'What does God most love?' And the angel........
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How I Wish I Had Your Faith
An old lady was regular and faithful participant in the daily prayer-meetings conducted by a holy man. However, she lived at a great distance, across the river from the saint........
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Accept the lover; become one with the beloved.
The Sufi books tell us a moving story of a group of moths........
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The secret of Renunciation
A wealthy couple renounced the world and set out to visit places of pilgrimage.......
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Never trouble trouble,until trouble troubles you
A man and his wife once set out to visit a friend, whose house was a few miles distant. The way was very old and was considered unsafe. They began to fret about it.......
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