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There was a young girl, about 11 years old, staying in America. Her names was Margaret. Her family used to call her 'Maggie'.This story is more than ten years ago when there was a cold war between Russia and America. Citizens from both the countries.......
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Holland is a country which is below sea-level. To prevent the sea from coming in, big walls called "Dykes" were made years ago. Every now and then the Dykes were checked and repaired as per requirement. Hans was a seven year old boy staying in a town......
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Happiness is within us, and it is ours, but we are always superimposing our own inner joy on to something outside and thinking it comes from there. If we examine our actions very subtly, we will find that even your mundane joy comes not from the.......
It makes a difference
A famous writer one morning goes for a walk on the sea shore. He sees a human figure dancing on the sea shore. The figure was running ahead, bending down, picking up something and throwing it into the sea water........
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An early morning, before sunrise, a fisherman went to a river. Near the bank he felt something under his feet and found it to be a small sack of stones. He picked up the sack and putting aside his net squatted on the bank awaiting sunrise......
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Butcher Comes to Nan - in
one butcher came to Nan-in, who was a Buddhist monk and believed in non-violence. The butcher's whole profession was of violence. The whole day he was killing animals. But when the butcher came to Nan-in, he asked him, "What am I to do ?........
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Becoming a millionaire
One fine morning, a fisherman was resting lying down in the shade of a palm tree on the famous Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai. A shipping magnate who was a millionaire was hurriedly pacing up and down on the beach. In the hurry, his leg hit the fisherman's........
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Many many years ago, in a certain country there was a young and famous painter. He once decided to create a truly great portrait; a lively portrait full of the joy of God, with a pair of eyes radiating eternal peace. He set out to discover a person........
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Guru's Prasad
In the state of Rajasthan, there lived a cobbler named Ravidas, who was a great siddha. Many people used to go to him, and in his company they would experience peace and happiness. The prime minister of the state heard of Ravidas and went to see him.......
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On Education
One parent asked the teacher, "Do you teach the students how to stitch, to cook or to wash? Do you teach them subjects which will make them self-reliant? Do you teach them how to behave with parents and elders? Do you teach them the teachings of Gita.......
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The large hearted Swami Dayanand.
Rishi Dayanand, the Founder of the Arya Samaj, was a fearless, outspoken man. His far-reaching social and religious reforms made people with vested interests, his bitter enemies. Many of them were against his activities; a few evil once even plotted........
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Wisdom v/s. Education
There is a story about a man who sold hot-dogs by the roadside, He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers. He was hard of hearing, so he never listened to the radio. His eyes were weak, so he never watched television. But enthusiastically,.......
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Let me carry your load!
Vidyasagar was one of the great leaders of Bengal in the last century. Although he was a man of affluence and influence, he dressed in the simplest of clothes, and often passed unrecognised.........
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The victory of purity
Sharni was the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Pretty as she was, she was also endowed with the virtues of simplicity and purity. At the tender age of 16, her marriage was fixed.......
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