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After the churning of Oceans, the Amrut was ready and kept for Gods in Amrut-Kalash. The demons started demanding from Lord Shiva that they too should have a portion of it. Lord did not agree with them. After a lot of persuasion, the Lord got fed up.....
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GALIGNMENT "justify" This is the story of a Sufi mystic saint of Persia. He was very simple and humble. He used to pray three times a day; His prayer was very simple; he would say "Oh God, your are so wonderful. You give me much more than what......
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It happened in Buddha's life. Buddha was passing through a forest and people prevented him. They said, "There lives a man who is the greatest murderer. He has killed nine hundred and ninety nine persons already and he is wearing a garland of their......
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The Indian sage Narada was known to be a great devotee of the Lord Hari. So great was his devotion that he was one day tempted to think that in all the world there was no one who loved God more than.......
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The Tree is Not Leaving Me!!
A wandering yogi, one day, reached the place of a king. The king invited the yogi to live with him and teach him yoga, Pranayama, meditation and all. The yogi agreed and started teaching him. He taught him for 15 days, and then asked the king........
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Surrendering to Buddha
One king came to Gautam Buddha. He was a devotee, a great devotee, and he had come for the first time for his darshan - for his audience. In one of his hands, in his left hand, he had one beautiful golden ornament, priceless, with many jewels in it.......
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Death of Ashwatthama
There is a narration of an incident in Ashwamedhic chapter of the Mahabharat. Ashwatthama, out of great anger and jealousy, had expressed his intention to release his Brahmastra to kill Parikshit, an unborn child, in the womb of Uttara. It was not.......
Defeat of Jarasandha
Jarasandha was a great emperor. He was very powerful and possessed of great capacities. The real source of his power was from his two brave commanders - Hans and Dimbhak were very fast friends and both had deep affection for each other.......
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Rukmini's Message For Krishna
When Rukmini learnt that Jarasandha was insisting to get her married to Shishupal and that her father had ultimately agreed to the proposal, she felt that they were sacrificing her for their own self-interest, greed and basic desires. She wrote.......
Alexander the Great
Alexander went to meet Diogenes before coming to conquer India. Diogenes was one of the greatest mystics of his time. He told Alexander, "Stop this foolish effort to conquer the world. Look at me! Without conquering the world I have conquered !".......
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The Two Buddhist Monks
This is a story of long ago, when China was the seat for sprituality , and Buddhism. Tao Ween was the senior and stout monk, and his assistant was lean, and his name was Leen Chin. Both were discussing how great the Buddhist monks are?........
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A mystic used to live under a tree. He saw for years an old woodcutter coming everyday, an old man. The whole day he would cut wood and sell the wood, and then even it was difficult to feed himself, his wife and children........
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Arjuna elopes with Subhadra
During his stay at Dwarka Arjun met Shri Krishna's beautiful sister Subhadra and had a desire to marry her. Shri Krishna's elder brother Balaram was in favour of Duryodhan and had wished that Subhadra should marry him. However, Shri Krishna.......
The Killing of Jarasandha by Bhima
Shri Krishna went in disguise to personally meet Jarasandh Shri Krishna bluntly said that the purpose was to kill him, since he was irreligious, deceitful, a mere pretender of devotion. Shri Krishna further told him that it is known that he wanted........
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An elephant amongst me
There is a beautiful, touching story concerning the Buddha. He had grown in years and in influence. He was followed by devoted crowds wherever he went. Thousands upon thousands-many of them rich nobleman, who had renounced their riches and their live.........
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