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Name: sagar
Dt. 2002-08-29
Tribute to: capt.kalia

I believe a dialogue from Damini movie fits perfectly on i.e., khilonae to duniyaki main bahut milta hai magar usaa chelane ke liya to jigar cahiyae wo kisi dukan may nahi milta insaan usa leeka paida hota hai... very hats off to the men from the warrior clan JAI HIND

Name: Dharmesh
Dt. 2002-08-22
Tribute to: SARDAR PATEL
The Leader of AKHAND BHARAT...
Name: jaya
Dt. 2002-08-19
Tribute to: all patriots
Heartfelt tribute to all patriots who knew the true meaning of vande mataram, who cherised the motherland as a true child.
Name: Naveed Hasan
Dt. 2002-08-03
Tribute to: Sir Syed Shamsul Huda
Refused being knighted by the British Government because of Simon Commision. My great Grandfather
Name: Jiger patel
Dt. 2002-07-28
Tribute to: to all leaders...

If u see all leaders are important. Ghandhi made world attention on INDIA. BHAGAT SIGH made british rule afraid.

NETAJI made british afraid of attacking their land.

Name: Indrani
Dt. 2002-07-03
Tribute to: All patriots
The unselfish rendering of lives for the sake of your motherland has really gone waste.What you had dreamed of, today the same country is far from that vision.Today , politicians are corrupt and selfish, feeding their own interests.Talented people leave India to other greener pastures in search of a better life because their own country fails miserably to provide one.
Name: Rajesh
Dt. 2002-06-25
Tribute to: All the patriots
Your sacrifice has gone waste....there is no hope for this country now....everything is gone, people are selfish, corrupt, and lack patriotism.
Name: Krishna
Dt. 2002-06-22
Tribute to: Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh was the courageous man who shook the foundation of the British rule. His determination was great. I pay a huge salution to the great Bhagat Singh.
Name: shilpa mulmule
Dt. 2002-05-28
Tribute to: vir savarkar

Vir Savarkar is the national hero, his thoughts were exactly matching to the todays situation, so we ned to follow him in todays conditions. I pay tribute to the great Vir Savarkar.

Name: aarti
Dt. 2002-02-21
Tribute to: Veer Savarkar
Let us not forget this great leader who inspired several Indian students in London to join the freedom struggle and had the dearing to jump off in the sea only to serve the nation.
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