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Name: Vishwanath
Dt. 2002-12-09
Tribute to: Bhagat Singh

Every Youth of India should know how Bhagat Singh fought for us & the freedom of our Mother land. Today, we have a country which has all types of corrupt beurocrates, politicians, people fighting in the name of religion, book, name etc., It is the patriotic duty of every youth today to make our country which is free from British but not from our own countrymen and make one of the greatest patriot Bhagat Singh's dream come true. That is the real tribute that one can offer.

I bow to you

Jai Hind Vande Mataram

Name: himanshu
Dt. 2002-12-09
Tribute to: chandrasekhar azad
"na koi tha aapjaisa na koi hoga aap jaisa" dear panditji if you would have lived we wouldnt have been cursed by the present leadership you were lucky in some aspects that you were not alive to see the country going to become the capiatalist center of the world i appologise to you on behalf of entire country because we have ashamed you by our acts please forgive my countr and its administrators if you would have seen the poverty,the unemployment the way the esucted indians are leaving the country and again serving the europeans and Americans you would feel disgusted about your fellow country men. panditji if you would have been alive you would have seen how our lands are sold to the new Avtar of east india company now have been rechistened as:"Multi National Companys" how our talent is serving Americans by Being Labelled as Software Professionals you would even laugh on the goals set by our youth specially from the metro cities they are happy because they feel that they are wearing nike logos and driving ford cars they are happy serving the Americans who have replaced Brithishers After 1947 even the names of our indian youth have been changed by the so called call centeres and there is no voice of revolution dear panditji please be born again very soon so that you may lead the youth of india to again throw the MNC'S out of this country because we youth do not have guts like you we are cowards we are sychophants of American dreams and lastly now we even feel that india is not our country we would fly To Illinois as a HIB Worker.Serving our country and even dont mind betraying you sorry please forgive me
Name: Raja Vemuri
Dt. 2002-12-08
Tribute to: Stars of India
What can I say about you all? If every Indian finds the value of your life?s and follow few steps of yours. We can see many stars again from India.
Dt. 2002-11-29
Tribute to: All Martyrs
The seeds of the extraordinary sacrifice sown by you all has really enriched the soil of the motherland and should grow a clan of men who would be prepared for even greater sacrifice in all aspects of human life,which is the need of the day.
Dt. 2002-11-29
Tribute to: EVERY INDIAN
Dt. 2002-11-15
A true lion by birth,a true patriot by deeds & a true martyr by death,you can never be forgotten by allthose who really love INDIA & proud of being INDIAN.
Name: Priyanka
Dt. 2002-11-05
Tribute to: India

India... my motherland.. I bow to thee!

I have full faith that soon enough the world will realise that there truly in no place to match HINDUSTAN

Name: Vijaya Krishna P
Dt. 2002-09-15
We have the responsibility to build a new Bharat... Let's join our hands... WE ALL ARE INDIANS.... BHARATIYATA ... our honour, our religion, our peaceful coexistence..... Let's be united... Let's fulfil the dreams of our freedom fighters, who sacrificed their valuable lives for us, Indians... VANDE BHARATA MATARAM
Name: prasad
Dt. 2002-09-01
Tribute to: Bharathi
He was great poet.He created freedom struggle, patriotism in people's mind by his songs and poets. vandemataram
Name: prasad
Dt. 2002-09-01
Tribute to: all freedom fighters
Without any expectation they fought for our country. Let us join our hands together to form a new India. jaihind
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