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Name: shree harsh agarwal
Dt. 2003-04-27
Tribute to: bhagat singh
Name: vikram
Dt. 2003-03-28
Tribute to: Capt. Saurabh Kalia
Vande Mataram.Hind ki shaan saurabh ka kaam. Jai Hind. Jai Saurabh. tujhe salam.
Name: MD
Dt. 2003-03-28
Tribute to: Aamar Jawans
I want to bow my head to the brave soliders of India. It is because of them that we live today. It is they who examplify true love India and matrubhumi. May God give them strength and wisdom they need to continue defend their country. May victory be at their feet. God bless you and Jai Hind.
Name: lokesh
Dt. 2003-03-23
Tribute to: bhagat singh
all indians have to remember the principles and the objectives which bhagat singh worked towards. none of us can ever be compared to him, but we should try to follow those principles in our lives. jaihind
Name: Parul
Dt. 2003-03-10
Tribute to: Mahatma Gandhiji
Salute to Bapu from bottom of the heart. India is never going to get the leader like this.
Name: Pawan
Dt. 2003-02-02
Tribute to: to all that bled for us
Name: devendra parab
Dt. 2003-01-24
Tribute to: Lt. Saurabh Kalia
I salute this son of mother india for his brave contribution, during the kargil war. every indian should be proud of him & every indian soldier should look forward to revenge the barbaric treatment given to Lt.Saurabh & his 4 other colleagues. how can a machhar like pakistan treat our soldiers in such a way. had i been a soldier i would chop the heads of at least one enemy to revenge saurabh's death. bravo the indian army. jai hind.
Name: shah raza shah
Dt. 2003-01-13
Tribute to: mahatema ghandi and khan abdul ghafar khan
i pay great tribute to these great men of the histry. from. rajjar,charsadda, n.w.f.p,pakistan.
Name: Pulin Joshi
Dt. 2003-01-09
Tribute to: saurab sing
we proud of saurab sing because his hero of kargil war
Name: srinivas kuppa
Dt. 2003-01-06
Tribute to: all the soldiers of india
Friends,let us not forget that they are dying and struggling just for US.There are no heroes in real life. Perhaps soldiers are exceptions.The govt of India shold come forward and greately improve the living and economic standards of our forgotten HEROES.Come on ,let us all bow to these enlightened souls.......... JAI HIND.
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