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terrorism 10-05-2003
It is more dangers than PLAIGE; it is spreading like SARS it is incurable like AIDS………..its nothing but Terrorism. It is black cloud, covered in all over the world. Its terror is in every corner of the world & increasing day by day. Terrorism not sees any people, sex, and age…. just it wants blood. Terrorist doesn’t care of their lives they are like suicide killers. They are ready for any type of situations, in that position it is very difficult to control then. The main kingpins in the field of Terrorism are Saddam, Laden, Parvez Musharraff.They are giving every possible support to the Terrorism… In that Most affected country from terrorism is India. In India every day there will be a death from Terrorism. Terrorist are fighting for Kashmir they are treated themselves as jehadi.feave years back Terrorist activities are only restricted to Kashmir, but now it is spreading all over the India.these terrorist are well trained people.in Pakistan they are taking trainings and many terrorist camps are there in Pakistan & now in Bangladesh also terrorist establishing there terrorist camps. These events shows how India suffering from terrorism, Attack on Sansadh Bhavan, Ghodra kand, Attack on Akshardham mandir, cleaning of Kashmiri Pandits from kasmir valley.killing of Amarnath Piligrims, Hijacking of Indian Airlines IC814 Airplane, Mubai Khatakoper bomb blast.attact on Jammu Temple. Pakistan is started proxy war against India. Its really dirty war. The terrorist that crossed the LOC belonging to such group as Lashkar-E-Thoiba and the Harkal-E-Jahad-E-Islami, with their bases in both Pakistan and Afghanistan seeks not only to liberate Jammu and Kashmir, but also establish the supremacy of Islam world over. Pakistan began its cross border terrorism originally with the support of the JKLF(the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) and the Hurriyat Conference .in due course, once Pakistan secured a foothold in the vally, it jettisoned the jklf and started establish organizations like the Hizbul Mujahudeen the militant wing of Jamatate-E-Islami.it declares undeclared war against India why some I innocent people are attracted towards the terrorism? The first things is a dream of earning more money, second in the name of jihad making brain wash of these innocent people. In India controlling of terrorism is like question mark to the government. If u try to one way it born from other way. So it is very difficult to control the terrorism. India & Pakistan are trying to solve this problem by dialogue. But it is not possible. Because India will not give our Kashmir & Pakistan will not leave kasmir.it is a main problem. It can solve through by taking hard steps, which as like USA.other wise terrorism terror will continue. & It is like end less story.
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