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Reality (It hurts, as it always does) 22-02-2003
We have seen the hypocrite, we have seen the corrupt, we have seen the bad, the worse, and the worst. Tell me what not did we see, we have seen people so awkward that they use their religion for monetory profits, and people who decieve thier own relatives for pitty wealths. That is the reason why I say, it is about time we stop worrying, stop thinking and start acting. I know the fact that every Indian thinks and worries about India, but how many of them are ready to act? How many of them who praise and admire Bhagat Singh, Azad, Bose and all those martyrs for thier sacrifices are ready to act accordingly? Honestly speaking, none, not you, not me, not police, not the so called religious men, and don't even think of politicians. Talking of politicians, how many politicians of India who talk of waging a war against Pakistan and asking defensemen to die for country are ready to atleast go and stand on the line of controll, remember the day somebody attacked our Parliamnet, trust me, every Indian should thank the person who attcked parliament because that was the day all of us came to know of the courage of our politicians. No one, absolutely no one excepting our courageous Defense Minister dared atleast to go outof the parliament house untill they came to know of the pacified conditions outside. I am compelled to ask, what happened to the man who calls himself, Vallabh Bhai Patel's heir, I'm talking about Advani, what happened to his much celebrated courage? What happened to Sonia Gandhi, who gives out very outraging speeches and never forgets stating she is ready to die for India? What happened to all those approximately 550 people who, once every five years (thank the unstabilised Governments, now once every 1 or 2 years) talk of sacrificing their lives for the country? huh. And look at them, they compare themselves to our freedom fighters. Is'nt it funny?
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