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The first government formed by Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee lasted for 13 days. The second government formed by Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee lasted for 13 months. The third government formed by Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee is lucky enough to continue longer than the two governments he formed in the past beating all odds. The question is increasingly popping up in the minds of millions of Indians: how long Mr.Vajpayee can beat the odds from his own party men determined to destroy the NDA like they destroyed the Janata Party in 1977. Some people are destined to sit in the opposition in their entire life. In 1970's I saw the modern Vajpayee in Mr.Jaya Prakash Narayan. His relentless crusade against the decades old rotten Indian political system finally brought result. He was able to induct a government at the Center that can "feel the pulse of India. Few weeks later he succumbed to his kidney malice that he received while serving Jail term under Smt.Indira Gandhis regime. How long the Janata Party at the Center survived is something that the present NDA coalition partners need to debate on. With the fall of Janata Party India lost the chance of organizing a strong opposition to the Indian National Congress. Politicians often refers "POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" when they think of cleansing the political set up. The absence of a strong opposition that can win the approval of the general population, thereby form a popular government that can STAY IN POWER for the full term they are elected for makes it difficult for any party to bring purity in the political life. When Janata Party came to power in 1977 with an overwhelming majority, most Indians hoped that India achieved a BI-PARTY system at least at the national level that can put India back in its track. Months later bickering began to erupt within the Organization, which resulted in the crumbling of the Coalition and eventual fall of Janata Party. JAYA PRAKASH NARAYAN DIED IN VAIN. The fall of Janata regime taught its constituents (of the Janata Party) a lesson. They realized the "lack of an ideology" that can bind the ever-opposing elements was the cause of the break up of the Janata Party, which eventually led to the birth of Bharatiya Janata Party. The leaders of the BJP like L.K. Advani, Vajpayee, Thakre etc., etc were not hesitant to ask the general public to unite under the "hindutva" agenda. The hindutva ideology of the BJP began to see the results. For the first time in Indian Political history an opposition based on an "ideology" began to gather momentum. It was an eye opener for other Political parties in India. They all realized that the break up of BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY was not easy. It was formed with the common agenda of reviving hindutva in the land of Hindustan. The people joined the party had only one common goal: revive the lost glory of Hindustan. Bharatiya Janata Party grew, grew tremendously enough to oppose the decades old Congress regime at the National level. Two times in the past BJP was able to form the Government at the Center using the Party label. Both times it was a short-lived regime at the Center. Each time when Atalji resigned and called for GENERAL ELECTION, the BJP hoped absolute majority in general election that follows. It played all trumps to win the 90% of Hindu hearts and thereby unite Hindus under the hindutva ideology. But it failed miserably. Of course each time BJP improved its position but never was able to muster absolute majority to form a government of its own at the Center. BJP realized that HINDUTVA failed. It was at this time that other political parties though not a force at the National level decided to join the BJP with their regional influence to strengthen the hands of Vajpayee. They found in him a soft-spoken gentleman likeable by people from all walks of life with a strong patriotic fervor. Vajpayee whole-heartedly accepted the will of his supporters with an open statement "the days of one party rule is over in India and the coalition form of government is the only viable alternative to glorify India. "Thus the BJP gave its node to form the NDA. NDA was in a way an image saving coalition that the hardliners in the Hindutva party favored. Hardliners believed such a coalition could bring secular forces in the Party, which can bring together other "BJP- reluctant Hindus" to its fold. It really worked and for the third time Vajpayee could form another government at the Center with BJP at the lead role. Mr.Vajpayee became the Prime Minister for a third time. Crisis after crisis followed him. Several times the NDA boat was capsized but each time some unseen force brought it back to resume the normal ride. Crisis still continues. It has driven Vajpayee to the point to declare "I would rather die than reign". It is a shame for BJP and its stalwarts and its members to take the situation to that extent a well mannered, internationally well admired Prime Minister to lose hope in the Party he leads. Ayodhya is indeed the holy land of Hindus just as Jerusalem is holy to Christians and Jews alike. Hindus are unlikely to accept a Mosque on the piece of land where their Lord Ram was supposedly born. Centuries back when Islamic emperors wrestled their muscle for supremacy in India, Indian culture and values were less important for them other than imposing Islamic culture and ideology on India. They may have or may not have destroyed the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Some believe that the British planted false stories of demolition of Hindu temples by the Muslim rulers and of Ram's birth place temple by Babar to create enmity and hatred between Hindus and the Muslims which resulted in the Hindu clash over Babri Masjid in 1855. It was the first ever encounter between them for this place of worship. In 1992 the Hindu zealots were successful in destroying the Babri Masjid .No doubt the BJP’s hindutva had greatly influenced the unruly mob that destroyed the Mosque. When the Babri Masjid was brought down in 1992, India had a secular democratic government at the Center. Ironically the government did not react until the last brick was brought down. It was indeed a severe blow to the Secularism that Constitutionally accepted by the Independent India. Recent threat by VHP that Babri Masjid was just a beginning and it already aimed at the Mosques in Nalanda, Mathura like holy places that had mention in the Hindu epics. Any move to destroy any more Mosques will be a disaster for the peaceful co-existence of the Citizens of India and it will shatter the very fabric of India’s make up. I hope the Apex court of India will let both Hindus and Muslims build their own places of worship in Ayodhya side by side in their respective undisputed land and ask them to coexist peacefully. NDA, the alliance that constitutes BJP and other secular Parties should survive. It should complete its full Five-year term for which the general public gave their franchise for a third time. The over all achievement that the government of Mr.Vajpayee attained in such a short period of time should be an eye-opener for all Indians and the Indian Politicians.
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