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Are we free? 27-01-2003
What do you think friends, are we free now? Don't you think we are still ruled by somebody? if not the Britishers, this time around it is our own men and the Americans. Atal Bihari Vajpayee in one of his most engrieving and enraging speeches told that India is not yet Sovereign, this speech was given if anyone could recall, on the day when Telecommunications were corporatised and made BSNL. All this, privatisation and disinvetment is just a part of the downfall of the much celebrated but more fictious than factious FREEDOM OF INDIA. Great men became martyrs for something we think has been achieved, but as a matter of fact, needs to be achieved. Long ago, nearly 60 years ago, all the Britishers along with some of our men faced one single problem, "How will the rage in the Indian hearts end?" Well, apparently they have found the answer and also implemented that very efficinetly. And that is, just announce to the Indians that they are free, let them be in that illusion and celebrate and in that course of time, their rage will come to an end, and then, take over again. It is high time guys, we realize that we are being cheated and misinformed, we always think of Pakistan as the worst enemy of ours, but actually, it is nowhere comparable to the enemies we have in (1) Our own country and (2) USA. So, I will leave this as the Bottomline, Think friends we hardly have time to act. JAI HIND
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