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People from abroad! 21-09-2002
First let me say how I feel about this website. I think this is the most beautiful website every! Carrying on... My name is Rani Patel and I am born and raised in England-London, but I have not yet forgotten how much my country means to me, INDIA is my country not England. I am an Indian. You might not agree with me but let me tell you when i walk down the streets in London people will call me Indian not British! And I am proud of India. But one thing I am not very happy about and that is about how young girls and boys here in London are very Britosh oriented. They do not respect the culture and dignity of our religion. Hinduism is one of the best religions as it is not as strict as the muslim religion and is not as easy going as the christian religion. But when I walk around London i see soo many young girls with white boys or even black boys, and same with boys they are iether with white girls or black girls. I am not saying do not be friends with such peopl, all i am saying is that dont get too involved with such people. I want to figure out a way to help the young community of my age group to walk on the right road and not to take the wrong road and get lost. If any of you have any suggestions please e-mail me! I will appreciate it very much. Rani Patel xXxXxXxXxXxX Jai Hindh
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