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Bharat Ma ko bachayo 31-08-2002
Hello everyone, just came upon this site and was very happy to see the pride that we all still share for our country, our ma. When we talk about kashmir, we shouldnt be talking about where to build a hindu temple and where to build a muslim temple, we made india free without a seperation into pakistan. There were many muslims who died for our independence too but the damn british white people left us in a way so we fought with each other and instead of being the greatest nation in the world, we are now just another 3rd world country. We should choose the right presidents and ministers that are educated and we should stand up and make india great. When people died for independence, i bet their dream wasnt to see india like this, but as a place with little poverty and lot of love and a strong nation. We must all get together and fulfill that dream and make it true. Vande Mataram
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