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What India Needs NOW! 12-02-2002

Living in US, I am able to feel the importance attached to our Indian neighbour Pakistan. US think-tank have taken a DECISION to support Pak in future whatever the case may be. Pakistan WILL NOT hand over those terrorists to India. Instead they may create flutter by producing another list to counteract Indian threat and to save its face.

By this time, US and Britain must have openly condemned Pak Govt for not handing over those bad guys. Here they want to cover Pak. So even if Musharaff releases a cassette admitting his faults, Americans will pooh-pooh it. These guys say "Let's support Musharaff blindly. That will make him to be a powerful man. Shut other guys. Keep dealing with this guy. Already efforts have been made to support him in all the ways US want. So it is a matter of disgust for patriotic indians but Indians can't supercede Pak in this. Future for Pak remains bright becoz of Musharaff. Even if India proves ISI role in any of our terrorist acts, US will shield ISI and Pakistan becoz they want Pak for a long long time. Pak has no policies. They can simply support US without any political policies. But India is a Democracy. We can't do anything to screw up Pak.

War will never happen becoz US will not allow India to react. In the mean while any terrorism in kashmir will BE SUPPORTED by International community towards justifying India's reluctance to TALKS?? and Pak's benevolence to Kashmiris. India will be pressured to talk to MUSHARAFF. If Pak gives few of those 20 guys then those will be little unimportant guys. People like Dawood will never be handed over as it will be detrimental to Pak's dignity. He will say about ISI's dealings. Forget that from Pakistan.

India's position is weakening on Kashmir. Pak's PR war is successful and suddenly we don't find any politicians speaking in English. In Pak every Tom, Dick and Harry talk English.

There is ONLY one way of attacking Pakistan. How? We need to declare JIHAD on corruption. People have to work overtime to put India on the map. We have significant advantage over Pak in this and unless our market opens and corrutions are buried, India will very soon lose her DIGNITY and image.

None of the congress leaders talk about terrorism in their camps. Stupidity. They think it is opposition's job. But in Pak, people rally behind Musharaff. Sometimes dictatorship seems to be an easy way out to bring order in the country.

By abolishing corruption, mandating the education and opening the markets, WE WILL attain our superiority and that will automatically make Pakistan to be afraid of our power. Else very soon they may overtake us in military power and after that they are not going to keep quiet.

Musharaff wants 3 billion $ debt to be cleared by USA. If granted, they he will GO in for a shopping spree from China for another 3 billion and we should looking up and down.

Act fast and Act now. While anti-Pak rhetoric is a tonic, our growth is the BEST solution to handle Pak. VANDE MATARAM.

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