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violence in gujarath 17-05-2002
what is presently happening in gujarath commencing with the godra incident has left a deep wound on bharath matha which will take a long time to heal. hindu-muslim animosity is like an ice-berg of which only 1/10th is visible. this is a fact which is to be admitted. this is a product of history. basically, and generally, islam in practice is not tolerant of other religions and its followers do not unite with the rest of mankind. and the present situation is a clear case of mishandling the hindu-muslim relation by the congress governments since independence. all said and done, any party / organization fighting only for ther religion is a potential hazard to a society / nation. because, religion as such is relationship between man and god and as god cannot be produced as a witness to determine his existence, experiences by different human beings have led to the emergence of different gods. for frogs too, their god have the form of a frog. much said, any crime which harms children, women and helpless persons is unhumanly and deserves to be condemned strongly and its perpetrators to be severely and quickly punished. inhuman acts cannot be justified on the grounds of protecting religion, nation, society etc. if the people who are burning, killing and raping others had in fact punished the perpetrators of terror, they would have attained immorality. since these acts of violence are mindless and inhuman, these will have a long term impact on the nation. the gujarath administration, the central govt, the political parties and those who are having a say, are reponsible and will go down in history as the black sheep of the nation
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