Online Community for Hindustanis !

Namaste !

Vandemataram social network is an online community for Indians or Bharatiyas living in Hindustan (Bharat) and around the world.

This virtual social gathering is for like minded people to meet and share ideas to bring glory to Bharatdesh. This is a place to pour in positive energies to bring glory to Bharatmata !

The goal is to bring billion Hindustanis under one canopy of patriotism to serve Mother India or we dearly call this sacred land Bharatmata !

Our members build social networks with people of similar backgrounds and interests to serve Bharatmata. Here you can get connected to your schoolmates, ask for a genuine help, launch a business venture to make products in India, feed the poor and needy, help children with education, find a life partner or pretty much anything that you can think of to make Hindustan the greatest country of the ancient times on this planet, once again !

Start now and let's make our community and country grow... !

"Be the Change that you want to see in this world" - Mahatama Gandhi

Jai Jai Mataram...VandeMataram !


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